Postgresql Metrics Update only new Values


is it possible only to fetch new values from a postgresql datasource connection?
If I am viewing a time range of 8 hours the loading is very heavy.



You can override relative time for a panel so that the panel will always use this time range and not the time range defined on dashboard level (upper right corner). Edit panel -> Timerange tab -> Override relative time.

You can of course also change the time range in the upper right corner to something that suits you better.


You misunderstood my question.
I want to see values for 8 hours, but after the initial metrics load I want to only select then new values.


Okay. No that’s not supported.

Try to tune your query/minimize the amount of data returned (maybe group by each 1 min/5 min etc) or switch to a time-series database that’s more optimized for querying over longer periods.


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