Postgres Query to match a variable to a list of options in a string

I’m doing some work slicing up data which we’ve moved into Postgres. The original source was JSON based, and as a result a number of columns contain JSON objects (or parts of them).

One column is called info and contains JSON object. I’m trying to get a dashboard to filter based on an array in that object called ‘labels’. The contains 0 or more tags e.g.

[“ESB”, “SP”, “MET”]

I’d normally write the query as some like:

WHERE (info->‘labels’)::jsonb ? ‘ESB’

I’m probably making some dumb mistake as I’m brand new to Grafana, but replacing ‘ESB’ with a variable I’ve set up (as either $Label or [[Label]]) i.e

WHERE (info->‘labels’)::jsonb ? $Label

Give me a syntax error. Any help would be gratefully received!

As a secondary question, I’d really like to extend it to filter on more than one label i.e.

WHERE (info->‘labels’)::jsonb ? ‘ESB’ OR (info->‘labels’)::jsonb ? ‘SP’