Possible to provision Cloudwatch X-Ray Trace Link?

I’ve installed the X-Ray plugin and provisioned it along with the Cloudwatch data source at time of deployment. What a great feature!

However, I cannot figure out how to specify that my Cloudwatch X-ray trace link to point to my X-ray datasource via the provisioning configuration. Is this possible?

yes, use tracingDatasourceUid and point it to x ray datsource uid, e.g.:

  - name: xray
    uid: awxray
    type: grafana-x-ray-datasource
      trendsFrom: 30d
      trendsRange: 7d
      authType: default
      defaultRegion: eu-west-1
  - name: cloudwatch
    uid: cloudwatch
    type: cloudwatch
      authType: default
      defaultRegion: eu-west-1
      tracingDatasourceUid: awxray
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Great @jangaraj, I can confirm that this worked!

Can I ask, how did you discover this key? I can’t find it anywhere within the documentation. I can find this in the source code now that I know what to look for, but maybe I’m missing some section of the docs that would be useful for the future…

I used browser console. UI is using API so just mimic it, when it is not documented properly. E. g.