Possible to automatically assign a commander given an oncall schedule?

We are currently exploring Grafana Cloud with IRM and would like to know if it’s possible to automatically assign an incident commander once an incident is created and notify them accordingly. We have established on-call schedules for our incident commanders, and we were wondering if it’s possible to associate these schedules to an incident. If it’s not possible, could you please suggest any other alternatives that we could explore? Thank you.

Hey, thanks for your question.

This isn’t a feature today, although I really like the idea. Other customers have solved this problem by having an Incident Best Practices doc that explains this, and running regular drills (by declaring Drill incidents) and instilling the practice that way. We are also working on a Public API which would let you solve this kind of thing yourself, but I’ll bring this specific feature request up with the team because I think it makes a lot of sense.