Grafana OnCall bulk incident actions

I just set up OnCall for our team and have a requested feature that I’m not sure if it exists. If we have a major site incident, its likely we will see a number of seemingly unrelated alerts come in. This could result in hundreds of alerts coming down at the same time, creating hundreds of incidents. I know we could set up a maintenance window, but during a critical incident we don’t have the time to configure our alerting system between responding to the incident and keeping our business operations team and customers up to date.

Is there currently a way to select multiple incidents and attach them to a different incident? Some type of bulk action on the Alert Groups page, where we have checkboxes available to bulk mark incidents as Acknowledged, Resolved, or silenced would be super convenient in responding to site-wide incidents.

On a similar note, it would be helpful if incidents that are attached to other incidents are removed from our chat channel, helping reduce clutter during a site outage.

@brianbauman thank you for the feature requests! There is no way to bulk attach but we’ll try to prioritise this feature.

It’s not 100% what you asked for but there is also a way to clean up messages from Slack using API. Could be useful for those who experienced significant alert storm: Alert groups HTTP API | Grafana Labs (“DELETE” mode).