Possible? One Timeseries SQL Query - multiple metrics as columns with values

quite new to grafana - amazing tool

current grafana version, sql server data source

I’m am wondering - regarding performance - if I get back a timeseries table with columns datetime | metric_1 | metric_2 | metric_3

it would be quite efficient in terms of db performance as it comprises only one req.

However how would I show this as 3 graphs (metric_1, metric_2, metric_3) in one panel?

thankful for any hint on which way to go …

If you can write a SQL query that can return three distinct tables of time-series data, then the Timeseries panel should be able to graph all three metrics. You can use the bar visualization instead of lines in the timeseries panel.

is that what you wanted? If not, maybe some screenshots would help…

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