Plugin Developer Roundup: August

:grafana: Plugin Developer Roundup: August
Ep.3 Revenge of the Roundup

A little later than usual, so prepare yourselves… 58 new plugins and updates have been published in the past month(…ish), thanks as ever to our wonderful community and the team reviewing.

:grafana: Grafana highlights for Plugin Devs

:book: Our Developer Portal is now live :sparkles: This is our initial release and we’re very excited. All developer related content will be accessible from here. :writing_hand: It’s early days and we’d love your feedback to help us improve it.

:warning: API Keys are deprecated - use access policies instead. This isn’t a breaking change, existing API keys are still supported, but we have updated our sign plugin tooling and documentation to use access policies and recommend you switch when possible. Full advice here.

:grafana: 10.1 is nearly out the door - you can see upcoming features here, such as:
:frame_with_picture: Experimental introduction of widgets - a way to distinguish panels which do not require a datasource and simplify getting started with dashboards. Please share any thoughts on this :thinking_face:
:warning: Continued ramp up on Angular deprecation and warnings in the UI. Alongside this we’ve released a new tool :rocket: to help users discover dashboards which depend on Angular plugins.

Create Plugin - scaffold and update your plugins with ease

8 new releases this month taking us to v1.12.0, with the following key additions:

:rocket: recommended structure added to generated plugin readme - #298
:window: Whilst native windows is unsupported, we’ve added some enhancements to improve working in WSL #356, a troubleshooting guide to our docs #354 and link to the docs from the error message #365
:bug: Fixed version of swc-core after a bug was introduced causing install to fail - #346
:bug: Fixed an issue where the go_plugin_build_manifest could be deleted - #322
:gear: Stopped generating videos for cypress in e2e tests to improve performance (e2e tests could appear to hang for ~15min) - #302

Special thanks to 1 new contributor :raised_hands: - Yulia Shanyrova

Sign Plugin - for simply signing plugins

2 new releases taking us to v1.1.0

:rocket: Switch to cloud access policies #331
:gear: Removed axios as a dependency #292

Plugin Examples - get started quickly and learn how to take advantage of various functions in Grafana

A new example and some housekeeping to keep the samples current!

:rocket: New example showing opening a stream connection to the backend and connect to a websocket service #179
:sparkles: Update to use Grafana 10.3 #185
:bug: Fix the datasource streaming websocket example #180
:gear: Updating the examples to correctly use Grafana UI components #190

Other news
:mega: Introducing the inaugural set of Grafana Champions - community members who go above and beyond to help support others and the Grafana ecosystem. Congratulations to all :clap: :clap: :clap: