grafana/plugin-e2e 1.0.0 is released!

We have just published the first major version of our new end-to-end testing library called @grafana/plugin-e2e. This library is designed specifically for Grafana plugin developers. It extends @playwright/test capabilities with relevant fixtures, models, and expect matchers; enabling comprehensive end-to-end testing of Grafana plugins across multiple versions of Grafana. This package simplifies the testing process, ensuring your plugin is robust and compatible with various Grafana environments. This is the library we will offer from now on as part of our tooling, the grafana-e2e package is now deprecated.

For everyone who is using the latest version of our create-plugin tool: All new plugins you scaffold already have this library integrated and set up - all you need to do is start writing tests.

For those who already have plugins they are maintaining: You can keep using cypress as you did before and bit by bit, in parallel, migrate to using this library instead.

For more details, checkout the plugin-e2e documentation.