Plotting raw (and non-aggregated) ElasticSearch documents on a scatterplot

Hi! We need to plot our sensor data which is currently stored in ElasticSearch. We need to a high degree of specificity - what was the value at each millisecond logged. I was hoping Grafana would be the tool for this - but when I try to use raw document for a graph, I don’t know how to just show the two fields I’m interested in (timestamp and the vibration value for that timestamp). To be clear, we don’t want to aggregate our data because it would smooth out the anomalies.

I see in some of the older posts that raw document doesn’t work properly on the graph view. Is that still true? If not, how would I go about plotting the raw data?

In elasticsearch, the Raw Document will be JSON format, and yes, it can not display in the graph.
If you use raw Document, I suggest use Table then choose JSON. After that you can choose the fields that you need to display.

Fadjar Tandabawana