Plot non time series data as bar chart (InfluxDB)

Hi there.

I am trying to plot non-time series data as bar chart. I found this tutorial, but it uses MySQL as database.

With InfluxDB, I don’t seem to be able to create a timestamp with now() as one can do in MySQL. The issue I encounter is that the bars will disappear from the panel if their time value is outside of the time range selected in the top right corner in Grafana.

Is there a way to plot the non time series data with InfluxDB and a current timestamp?

Thanks in advance for your help - and a happy new year!

I got the same problem.
Did you get this problem solved? If so, would share the solution?

Remove the time filter from the Influx query? That will return all data regardless of the dashboard time range.

That said, it’s also worth considering whether Influx is the right database for storing non-timeseries data