Plot a data point from top to bottom

Hi ,

I have 2 values for memory coming back from a server , actual consumption and buff/cache.

With the buff/cache I would like that to show from the top rather than bottom . As shown in one the screen shots from another application. Is this possible ? I have been playing around with the overrides but cant seem to do it .

Hey @latchmasterflex,

Not the solution you are looking for but might be a workaround.
If you multiply the select of your query by -1, it will basically become negative, and you’ll see it from top to bottom. Let me know if that’s okay for your case.


thanks for that , not sure I’ve put it in the right place though ? Did try a few other things too

Well, as I said, this is not the solution you are looking for, but this is the idea I provide you haha.
This workaround allow you to visualize your data on a negative part, which is similar to your initial request, but not the same!

damn haha oh well thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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