Please Help Getting started

Hello, I’m Fabian, from Chile, it turns out that seeing images and reviews of GRAFANA we have concluded that it is the tool we should use. but when you download it, it turns out that it is a ditinto of all the interfaces that show tutorials and images on YouTube or on the main page. Then I do not understand anything.

I wish I could make 1 basic graphic to familiarize myself with the tool but I can’t do anything. If someone could guide me, tell me where I should read useful info or any kind of guide would greatly appreciate it.

In particular I would like to know what I can do with a table that has 3 columns that work as id. 4 columns that have dates. 3 qualitative and 3 quantitative columns.

When I start with a new dashboard for example, it happens to me that I get to where it says:

as value,
as metric

WHERE $__timeFilter(time_colum) ORDER BY ASC

and i dont know whats all that “$__timeEpoch” thing or what to do so i can get to see a nice graph