Platform doubts

I need the answer to the following questions for a school assignment please

  1. What type of conexions can we make? Webservices, databases, etc?
  2. Is there a máximum size for loading data from a data source? Would we get a failure to load message id the data excedes a certain size?
  3. Is there a limit for the time it takes to download data from a data source? If X seconds have passed and it hasn´t been able to connect to the data source, is it going to show an error?
  4. How often does the refresh for the data sources happen?
  5. Is there an option to do formulans in the graphic to calculate the date?
  6. Is there an automatic delivery of the graphics through mail in a certain format (pdf, Excel, etc)?
  7. Do you have customer support in spanish?
  8. Is there an API for the product itself whith which we could make an integration?
  9. In certain dashboards is there a way to limit certain users so that they can only see partial info while others see the entire thing?

I would recommend that you start by:

a) reading the online documentation, which answers some of your questions

b) installing a simple Grafana setup of your own and playing with it for a
while to understand how some of its features work

c) coming back here with any remaining questions you have, explaining what you
tried or where you are puzzled.

This support group is generally quite happy to help with specific questions
where someone is trying to a clearly-defined thing, and either can’t work out
whether it’s possible, or how to do it, or is looking for someone else who has
run into the same situation to see how they dealt with it.

However, many of your questions are either very broad and general, or else
easily answered by simply working with Grafana for a couple of days, and to
put it bluntly (but without intending to be unkind) it’s your school
assignment to do, not ours. You will learn a lot more by answering as many of
the questions for yourself as possible, than if someone just sent you back a
list of 9 bits of information.

Bets regards,