PingDom integration

Hi all !
Try to integrate to Grafana pingdom api and get list of checks.
I’m try to do this using the SimpleJson plugin. But if you want integrate pingdom you should set some headers and after that Grafana could connect properly with pingdom api.
The root cause of the problem is SimpleJsom plugin have no fields for headers setting.
How I could integrate pingdom to grafana ?

I solve this problem. Now got the request in JSON format from pingdom api. But cant display this JSON data. Try to do this via Table panel. Set JSON Data in Table Transform but can’t add any columns.
Don’t know due to what this problem :disappointed::worried:

Maybe someone have the same problem ?

I’m not sure if this is a completed project.

@funkerman were you able to figure out a solution to this?

No, still have no solution for it. If you have some information could you share it with me

May I ask your purpose of Pingdom integration? Is it just for displaying a list of checks or to show the Pingdom metrics as well? If the second thing is needed, have you tried

Just for displaying a list of Pingdom checks

What type of data this prometheus-pingdom-exporter should push to my server from pingdom api ?

I only tried once while exploring the topic. So basically 2 type of metrics:

# HELP pingdom_check_response_time The response time of last test in milliseconds
# TYPE pingdom_check_response_time gauge

  • pingdom_check_response_time

# HELP pingdom_check_status The current status of the check (0: up, 1: unconfirmed_down, 2: down, -1: paused, -2: unknown)
# TYPE pingdom_check_status gauge

  • pingdom_check_status

Each with a dimension / label KV set to:

  • hostname: target host configured in Pingdom (either an IP or a DNS name)
  • id: Pingdom check id
  • name: Pingdom check name
  • paused: either true or false depends on Pingdom setting
  • resolution: Pindom check intervals
  • tags: comma separated string list which contain the tags configured through Pingdom

Hi! Thanks for the answer but my grafana server can’t see this plugin, I’ve put it to plugin dir for Grafana on my server, restart grafana but plugin didn’t appear in list of plugins.

Hi Funkerman,

I would like to know hod did you integrate grafana to pingdom api using the simple jason plugin I am new to grafana would like to know more about the steps