Pie Chart with Splunk data source?

I’m hoping some folks have experience using the Pie Chart plugin with Splunk as a data source.

I’m testing the Splunk data source and it seems to work great for displaying search results in tables. I’m trying to display some results in a pie chart but having trouble. The particular search returns counts of unique values for a particular field in a given time range:
index=“some index” additional criteria and filters | stats count by field

This displays perfectly in a table but it doesn’t work in a pie chart. In the pie chart, if I enter the same exact search manually, the field comes up as NaN and count is set to a value that I assume is the number of different values for the field. If I toggle edit mode I am not able to replicate the same exact search because there is no way to enter the additional criteria and filters in the search. This results in far too many and incorrect results.

I’m sure i[m doing something wrong but not sure what…

the pie chart only supports time series data right now I think

Don’t use stats, use timechart instead.