Pie chart not displaying Binary Operation

the calculated value of the two numerical values doesn’t show on the chart under any operation.

The sources are set to Mixed with two different XML URLs from the same source

Replace all fields doesn’t change anything

Version: v8.5.3


Maybe this might work? Mixed option with an expression that does the calc?

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it didn’t work on 8, but I upgraded to 9.0.7 and now it gives “No Data” with the error
The data I am using is multiple values that I am reducing to several Totals if that changes anything

Which plugin are you using to get your data. the more we can emulate your setup easier to help you, otherwise it will just be back and forth, trial and error guess work

Infinity Data Source

you gonna have to give a little bit more. post some sample xml. inline xml or xml coming from an api? are you using uql or just xml. the more you provide the easier to help.

Sorry I swapped it over to JSON API due to my familiarity with that.

Its from Matomo export api.

$each($[0], function($v, $k) {

is how I get it via JSONATA

it comes back as an object full of objects and I each it into individual entries and pull out the value

as a note, if I do the math $A+$B now it comes back with expression request error: plugin unavailable.

@yosiasz this is an example of data
{ "2022-08-06": { "value": 75 }, "2022-08-07": { "value": 40 }, "2022-08-08": { "value": 100 } }
same format from A and B, different values

every new post is a mystery and different than the previous one :crying_cat_face:
you started by saying it was xml, what you just posted clearly is not.

Sorry again, I changed my source over to JSON API

still vague as to which values you want to do a binary operation on based on the multi kv json you posted

so the json comes with various values from two different queries to an api url (different params for each url)

A = { "2022-08-06": { "value": 75 }, "2022-08-07": { "value": 40 }, "2022-08-08": { "value": 100 } }

and lets say

B = { "2022-08-06": { "value": 23 }, "2022-08-07": { "value": 9 }, "2022-08-08": { "value": 70 } }

for both queries I pull out the value fields by going through each entry in the object

$each($[0], function($v, $k) {

this leaves me with A = 75, 40, 100 and B = 23, 9 ,70 based on the above values.

I used Reduce to total them together, leaves me with A = 215 and B = 102.

and in the end I want to do A - B which should give me 113

then I display those values on a pie chart A, B and A-B

Maybe this?

check it out here


I get Organize fields only works with a single frame error on the organize fields transform using my datasources

That can only mean you did not provided us with what your matomo api returns. Sorry cant help you

this is the queries.


Again, you did not provided us with what your matomo api returns