Pictures of the architecture of Grafana

I want to learn more about how Grafana works.
So far I found the Github page but was a bit overwhelmed.

Is there a picture of the architecture of Grafana (what parts exist and in what context)

And maybe also about how the dashboard is created and displayed?

I dont need pictures for special plugins like tempo, just the basic Grafana.

Thank you very much

Hi @enkont

I couldn’t find exactly what you wanted, but I think it would be nice to have a architectural diagram.

Broadly speaking, Grafana uses ReactJS + TypeScript on the frontend and Go for the Grafana Server on the backend. It is very much a full-stack application in that way.

Thanks for your answer @mattabrams,

I have tried to come up with a picture here.

Maybe look over it and tell me if you find some errors please

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