Use case: Grafana with Django, React and PostgreSQL


I am developing an application that uses Django for backend, React as frontend and PostgreSQL for storage. I would like to incorporate Grafana and display graphs on the frontend.

The scenario for this should be the following:

The React frontend allows you to select what product you want to see data for, the request should go to Django endpoint in order to check the users authentication, permissions and the product that he want to get the data. Then Django should parse the product ID to a Grafana dashboard, get its response as html iframe and return it to the frontend in order to be rendered.

Should be these things possible? Can I incorporate Grafana in this project for the presented case?

If you just want to embed a panel, you would not be using the best Grafana features, and it might be better to directly include a graphics library in your FrontEnd (GrafanaLib?)
that’s my opinion


I’m planning to have same architecture. What are your suggestions?