Permission for editing each panel. (show options -disabled-)

I am an administrator and I lost the permission for editing each panel. (show options -disabled-). I uninstalled Grafana and reinstalled it again (Windows 10) but I still can not edit. How can I get the ability o editing back?

you have to log in as administrator. thank you

I log as administrator, but is not working

In the permission are ok, but I can’t edit. I can create a panel, write the query but when I try to edit the graph (the axes), the options button doesn’t work. And if I close the panel, I can not open the edition (the top arrow).

have you cleared browser caches?

Thanks, now I can edit new dashboards, but I still cannot edit inside my previous dashboards, How can I make them editable? I have saved them as json files.

I can not edit the panels after I created them ¿what is happening?


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