Percentiles calculated but not shown


I have a problem that when I use Grafana (v4.6.3) with Elasticsearch (v6.0.1) the percentiles are calculated but not shown in Grafana. In the image below you can see the request I send to Elasticsearch to calculate the 25 Percentile and the response from Elasticsearch. And as we can see the 25 percentile is calculated but not shown in Grafana:

Grafana just shows count, average, min and max but for percentiles only dashes:

Is this a bug in Grafana or am I doing something wrong?

This is a guess - but it LOOKS like the value returned for Percentiles is an object - I suspect that the field you’ve selected for the Percentiles column is incorrect, and you need to go a level deeper.

Can you please let me know how i can give the exact metric to retrieve the Percentile value

Were you able to resolve the issue ? I am also facing same issue.

Has anyone been able to solve this issue?