Parameterising a dashboard to re-use on same server with different data?

Newbie to Grafana, having added Prometheus metrics instrumentation to our software suite. Our metrics server pulls metrics from multiple instances of our system (e.g. multiple customers; systems).
I can/do label our metrics e.g ‘site’ = ‘Acme’ and what I’d like to do is create a dashboard which displays various data for a give value of “site”. Then I can simply replicate this for each site.

How might I achieve this kind of thing? Are there search terms I can look up, or any tutorials covering this sort of thing? Thanks!

Or do I have this backwards and instead of multiple dashboards, I should have one dashboard and use template variables (Templates and variables | Grafana Labs)

However it might be that my label values are not that useful. For instance if I have a label “site-id” I might want my drop-down to show prettified site names, is there any mapping allowed or does the exact value shown in the drop-down get used as-is? Not a huge issue, but nice to know.


Yes you can use custom variables that allow for that kind of mapping.

Good Luck