Panel plugin: get rows, not fields

Hi there,

in the old html panel (aidanmountford-html-panel) I can select the data by rows. If I create a new panel (with npx @grafana/create-plugin@latest) the data object is always with fields, not with rows. I need the data table in a transposed way. Is there a possibility without implement a transpose function?

Hi @phdehner the plugin you link uses a legacy platform (angular). The only data you can get in a panel plugin is the one you get in the react component props and there is no alternative format or data you can get. It is what the datasource decides to return.

If you wish to process your data to display it in a specific way, that is the responsibility of either the user applying transformations to the query or the panel plugin handling it correctly (writing your own transpose function in your case)

Yes, I think you summarized my thoughts very well…

Maybe I will create a discussion about that topic in the github discussions of grafana.