Access Table Data from React Plugin


I am developing a Grafana plugin in React/Typescript.
The data is being fetched from an SQL data source and formatted as Table.

I used to be able to access this data via my panel’s properties using

const { series } =;
const myData = series[0].rows

Ever since today, Typescript tells me that series from the PanelData is of type DataFrame[]. And DataFrame does not possess an attribute called rows (logging series[0] to console clearly shows it having this attribute though).

The only type that does have an attribute called rows is TableData (which would make sense to use since I work with table data). But according to Typescript, series can not be of this type. Neither does PanelData contain anything else that could contain my data.

Am I missing something here? Or is this a recently introduced bug within the types?
How am I supposed to access my table data now?

Thanks in advance, regards,

In version 6.3.2 of @grafana/data DataFrame used to have the attribute rows: any[][]. This seems to have be removed with 6.4.0.

I’ve been struggling with the same. The best I was able to do is access array of values for each column:
const td =[0];
let tmpF = td.fields[1].values.toArray();

I see. I just temporarily solved this for now by fixing the versions to 6.3.2.
I hope this gets fixed in future releases.