Panel Override "Field returned by query" doesnt show configured queries


Using Grafana 8.2.1

Tried to use “add Field overrides” and there “Fields returned by query”

Pannel has 2 queries configured (see screen above, query A+B)
If i click to choose a query it shows “No options found”.

So is there anything i made wrong?

Hello @thejorlock, I am not very familiar with MongoDB data source (so maybe someone else will have better information), but generally Fields returned by query works for data sources, where we know which response came from which query. In this case, you can basically know that these results are from query A, these are from query B. Many data sources support this (e.g. Prometheus, Loki, Elastic, Influxdb,…), but there are also data source that don’t support this (e.g. Graphite). Based on this, from my point of view, it seems that MongoDB might not be supporting this as well.

To be sure, in your panel, you can go to Query Inspector > JSON > DataFrame structure and check if you see refId somewhere.

Here is the example how it looks when there is NO refId (choose DataFrame structure): Grafana

Here is the example how it looks when there is refId (choose DataFrame structure): Grafana