Panel auto fit in vertical mode

Hi friends!
I am working on Grafana version 7.3.10 and I am facing a problem related to display horizontal and vertical.
When I select dimension is: 720 x 1280 (similar to Television 50 inches).
In horizontal mode, my dashboard have 2 panel in a row (that is my expectation).
but in vertical mode, my dashboard only have 1 panel in a row.
This issue only occurs with dimension is: 720 x 1280. 4K or others is not.

Could you have me to resolve this issue?
Thank a lot!

What do you mean by vertical mode? That it has a width of 720?

Grafana has responsive sizing so when the width of the screen is less than 769px (iPad portrait mode width) then it switches to another layout that is more suited to a device like an iPad. So if I understand correctly, then Grafana is actually working as designed.

What behavior would you expect? 720 is not wide enough to show both panels on one row.

Hi daniellee,

Thank you very much for your answer!
Could you please give me link to official designed announcement of Grafana related to this design?

Thank you!

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I checked in 4K and scale 300%, Its still have the same issue!

I have the same issue and on my tablet the screen size is 1200 x 800, so whatever check is being done, it is not for 769 px . Since my dashboard has quite a few gauges that has different scales and different color codes so they need to be in separat panels, I want more panels in a row.

But I managed to make Grafana to display things the way I wanted them to by checking off “Use desktop version” on firefox - I guess there are similar checks in other mobile browsers as well.