Pagination in Grafana - any plans?


i know, that my use-case is not very typical, because we are watching lot of units in Grafana, not few servers and so on. At this moments there is few tens of them, soon it will be few hundreds, then few thousands. So, for overview list i will need some pagination soon. Are any plans for this feauture on roadmap?


what overview list are you referring to? Where do you want paging?

I have page with several stats for each unit listed. Now we have few tens of active units. At end of year we would like to have few hundreds. This page will be then unusable.

I would break that dashboard up into multiple dashboards or use rows and collapse sections

So no plans for paging in pipeline?

no, can’t think of a single dashboard tool that has that. And your the first who has come up with such a demand. Rows solve exactly the problem that paging would

I know that i use it in non-standard way. I’ll let someone look into it later this year, how complicated it would be to custom implement such thing to Grafana, because i need completely automatic way - if there is new unit setup, is must appear in Grafana, no “adding different dashboard” or “setting up new rows”. Or i’ll break it to two tools, one for general look like on page i shown, and Grafana for details. I’ll see. Anyway, thanks for info.

Why not automatically create new rows? if you create the dashboard automatically anyway.

Paging for a dashboard is not a concept I have ever seen and would probably be very complicated to implement.

That’s not very usable from UX front. Let’s say you have 200 units and you want make for same reason overview of all of them (i will of course divede it by groups, like units with erros, units with comunication and so on, and this will be most often used in future). You need to scroll trough them quite quickly, not to click on some rows to open and close.

As i told, i’m using Grafana in non-standard way, this is not really “dashboard” like a list view. But in my current situation it was the least complicated way how to create something like this list.

Ok, point taken, i’ll try to make some way around.

but if you had paging you would still have to click to get to next page, how is that different from clicking to expand a row?

Grafana is mainly designed for dashboards where you do not have to scroll (fit on TV or monitor)

So you don’t mean rows:
Unit 1
Unit 2
Unit 3

but more like:
Unit 1-50
Unit 51-100
and so on? If so, yes, this would work, but i can’t image how to implement this in grafana with my current knowledge.

Believe me, Grafana already helped us in such a great way! It’s great tool even for such case like us :). Delivers strenght of real-time visualizing of our data with quite short implementation and good learning-curve.

Yes, I mean you use rows to group larger sections of your dashboard, this is easier to do in upcoming v5 where rows are not needed for layout and can only be used to collapse whole sections

I’m already on Grafana 5.

for current layout i use variable, which get ID # from DB. I need then to prepare manualy variable for each section (1-50, 51-100, 101-151, …)? Or is there a scheme when this can be made automaticaly, if for example number 101 will appear in query results? BTW database is not queried for hidden rows? Thanks for helping me understand it :).

I think I am in a similar situation. In my case I am repeating rows for interface stats (1 panel for throughput and the other errors / discards) - each row represents an interface. This works okay for a single device

But not for our stacked switches with a few hundred interface. The browser tab crashes every single time.

How can I overcome this behaviour?

I’ve got the same issue as blauzattoo: I’m trying to to create a dashboard with repeating rows for each port of a switch, however there are too many graphs being rendered at once which is causing my browser to crash. I was wondering if there’s any way to have Grafana split my multi-valued variable into groups of x.

This is what seems to be for, but I don’t currently have anything that’d be easy to group the ports by in my DB. It would be simpler if I could just arbitrarily group the values by some number. So the first 10 values are group 1, next 10 are group 2, and so on.

I have a need for this too.
My template variable produces a list of 500+ items,I need to select All and produce a repeat graph for each. Graphing 500 charts on a single page is not user, browser, or backend friendly.

Manually splitting the template variable list across many dashboards is not the solution, its high maintenance, breaks a logical grouping, not easy for an operator.
Being able to pick X rows per page way friendlier for my use-case.