Override "Time Range" to Future?


I’m importing weather forecast data into my elasticsearch instance and now want to display it right besides my past weather data from my netatmo importer.

Unfortunately I cannot find a way to change the Graph panel to display “the next two days” when every other panel (and the dashboard) are showing “the last 24h”.

I tried using “relative time” or “time shift” to “-2d” but that is regarded an error.

Is there any way to just fix the time picked when editing the panel, like “now” -> “now+2d” - which shows the data I’m looking for.


Maybe you’ve already tried this, but I’ll suggest it anyway. In the panel itself, there is a link just to the left of the time widget that let’s you set the time to a set range. The relative ranges show up in this control as start:now-30m and end:now. I haven’t tried it, but could you set the start to “now” and the end to now+2d?

Thanks for your reply, do you mean this one?

This works well, but once I save the panel and return to the dashboard it will take over the time from the dashboard, this is what I want to prevent.

Are you adjusting the time in query explorer or in the panel? They don’t transfer it seems to me. The explorer just gives you the opportunity to find your data and fine tune your query. You still have to set the time range when you return to the panel. The same widget should be available in the panel.

I’m editing the Panel.
What I probably left out: I have a dashboard showing the past 24h of weather data from my netatmo station and on the same dashboard I’m trying to fit a panel showing the next 2 days as forecast. Creating a panel from now to now+2d is not an issue, but once I save it and return to the dashboard all the other panels are showing “no data”, which is true of course as they show data from the past.