Override Null variable to variableB

Hello Community,

I am trying to fill in all null values within a column (Proxmox Node), with another variable (Hostname). I managed to get close, replacing all null values with the text ${server}… Any help would be appreciated!

I am using Grafana 10.1.

Thank you in advance


Welcome @hand1308

Not seeing the null values nor the $server variable

Hey @yosiasz, I circled the variables in the photos.

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That is a crazy amount of overrides

Please show us how you built server variable. Not sure you can use variables in override

I attached photos of my global variable. And yes you can use columns in overrides, I made the Online column a hyperlink to https://${Proxmox Node}.lan.

Do you have any Grafana documentation, which claim that variable can be used in override as you have used it?
IMHO this is not supported.

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No idea if it’s supported, I just figured out the hyperlinks from googling…