Origin not allowed - InfluxDB Error: Forbidden

After upgrade to Grafana add-on version 7.5.0 in HASSIO (Home Assistant OS 7.5 - armv7 / raspberrypi2, Core/Supervisor 2022.3.5) when I try to access in Grafana I have “origin not allowed” message and it doesn’t upload any data.
On my system there is NGINX Home Assistant SSL proxy add-on (version 3.1.1) and InfluxDB add-on (version 4.3.0).
Can you help me to fix it?

what is the grafana version?

this might be of interest:

Grafana version is 8.4.3. I’ve got HASSIO and I don’t understand how to apply your suggestion.
I don’t know where are config file of Grafana and Nginx.
I tried to insert in add-on configuration this parameters

I have tested some more and have found out, that for me the problem only occurs on Safari and it does not occur on Chrome.