Origin not allowed - InfluxDB Error: Forbidden

After upgrade to Grafana add-on version 7.5.0 in HASSIO (Home Assistant OS 7.5 - armv7 / raspberrypi2, Core/Supervisor 2022.3.5) when I try to access in Grafana I have “origin not allowed” message and it doesn’t upload any data.
On my system there is NGINX Home Assistant SSL proxy add-on (version 3.1.1) and InfluxDB add-on (version 4.3.0).
Can you help me to fix it?

what is the grafana version?

this might be of interest:

Grafana version is 8.4.3. I’ve got HASSIO and I don’t understand how to apply your suggestion.
I don’t know where are config file of Grafana and Nginx.
I tried to insert in add-on configuration this parameters

I have tested some more and have found out, that for me the problem only occurs on Safari and it does not occur on Chrome.

I signed up just to share this:

I saw this exact thing, getting “origin not allowed”, but it was suspicously just after I created another user to use to directly login. In the add-on in home assistant it logs in automatically via Auth Proxy, all I did to fix the issue was click “sign out” on the admin account in the add-on(bottom left user icon)
After that I was again able to edit my dashboard etc.

I hope this can help someone else, as I was just about the reinstall Grafana for the 3rd time in a single day :stuck_out_tongue:


Update, doing that then broke the permissions for editing the one dashboard I have currently set up in Grafana with the user I created to log in directly to Grafana(not using the add-on inside home assistant ) :smiley: Can’t seem to win.
The user created is also an admin, so should have full rights

Hi @da9el84,

We would appreciate it if you can open a bug report about this in our official GitHub repository using this link.

As you have already all the logs and data so just post them there and this way our engineers can have a look into it.


This was the solution for me! I could finally get rid of the “Origin not allowed” error message. Just as you did, I created an account here to let you know! :smiley: