Option for having x-axis grouped by Month in time mode

As shown above I have a graph panel with multiple graphs from the data source postgres. Here the x-axis shows the date from the date field of the postgres db table. My question is can I group the data(in this case sum the amount) by Month/Year in such a way that I can get the Month or Year in the x-axis instead of the actual date.

Thanks in advance

I have the very same problem, did you find a solution?

Thank you

I have exactly the same problem, been searching for days without finding an helpful answer.

You can create a custom file “custom.ini” in the grafanas’s installation folder and inform an new template for a specific date rage:

interval_day = MMM

this will change the label to render the first 3 letters of a month name for all yours graphs.

the custom.ini file needs to be at the same level as defaults.ini. Do not change the defaults.ini file.