OpenTelemetry collector, Filelog, Loki exporter - no Detected fields and other questions

Hello, I have a few (entry level) questions.
I’m trying to use an OpenTelemetry collector to gather logs from a file share and ship them to Loki.
I installed the collector on a windows server. My sample logs are from some .net app, API calls logs and IIS.
The logs are read from a fileshare using the receiver “Filelog”.

  1. “Filelog” receiver questions:
  • Is it possible to use a wildcard mask for multiple subfolders to scan for new logs ? All I’m able to achieve is a wildcard mask on the file names within one folder. -or to manually specify multiple distinct paths, which is a dirty workaround more than a real solution for my needs.
  • Is it possible to assign different labels, based on the folder I’m parsing from ?

OTLP questions:

  • Regarding the loki “attributes”, where/how do I know what the list of possibilities is?
    Talking about these here:
    All I found was a few examples, which don’t always work for me. If anyone has a good “how to” that explains how this works, I’m interested.

OTLP/Loki question:

  • I’m a bit lost when it comes to the fields parsing. The only field that is showing in Loki is the “exporter” field. There is not a single “detected field”. Why would that be ?
    That being said, Loki shows the color code for info/warning/error logs… Even though there is no “level” field showing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I’m quite new to anything related to logging.

Use debug exporter in OTEL collector and check collector logs - you will see what kind of attributes are available.

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