Opensearch Grafana: how to visualize text fields

Im sending json logs from filebeat to logstash to opensearch to grafana and everything is working perfectly (if it comes to integer data) i can even see that opensearch receives my string fields and boolean fields and even reads them.

but when i want to make a dashboard to visualize some strings and booleans, it only finds my integer fields

Can someone help me visualize Strings on grafana and not only numbers.


Please post some sample json?

{“pinghost”: “”, “timestamp”: “2022/05/08 15:20:27”, “randomm”: 2811, “randombool”: false, “nbr_successes”: 3, “percentage_successes”: 100.0, “testbool”: true, “percentage_successes”: 100.0}

this is a json im using
it reads all the integers but not the strings or booleans

Like this? @kiritoirl

Under value options, choose all fields

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Yeah i selected it countless times, but im not getting the strings or booleans
Its because i work with datasource opensearch and it doesnt show me all fields even when i select all fields

You do not have any of those other fields selected in your Lucene query. You just have an aggregatiom query

Yeah im not sure what i can put there, im really bad with queries
can you maybe help?