Only pick up one value when using query variables

Hi all,

I have defined a query variable like

When using this variable to build a panel query like

I tried to investigate the problem via query inspector, but I found that the query only pick up one value from the variable with the query string of “sum(kube_pod_container_resource_limits_cpu_cores{node=~“de1tst-78j9w-infra-46r7f”})”

And because the host that the query picks up coincidentally doesn’t contain the metric, so it shows “N/A”.

I want the panel query collects all nodes metrics that the variable returns, how could I let the panel query as expected by specifying “node=~${workers}”?

PS: Even if I open up the option “multi-value”, nevertheless the query string still picks up only one value.

In Dashboard settings > Variables, set the following:

Hide               = empty
Multi-value        = enable
Include All option = enable

Use the “workers” picklist selector which will appear at the top of the dashboard to select the desired nodes or the “All” option.