One graph, several dataseries, one per year?

I have a lot of data for the past five years in InfluxDB. I need a graph which goes from January 1st to December 31st with data for each year represented by a curve of different color. So for instance 2016 is green, 2017 is the yellow curve, etc. But I can’t seem to find the query to give me this graph. Any suggestions?

this is basically not possible because of the nature of grafana , that it displays you a given time range on frontent side. sorry

Try to achieve impossible with Grafana and Flux (not InfluxQL!):

  • select absolute timerange in your dashboard and select current year (from January 1st to December 31st)
  • create InfluxDB query with proper time grouping for each year (you have to use absolute time range again), each query transform to current year with Flux timeshift function and set Grafana query alias to used year