oiyshTerminal - A local IoT one click installation solution for android

I like to share with you all my project oiyshTerminal.
It鈥檚 a solution for not only my need鈥檚 :slight_smile: Every one who want to have own IoT server on own device now can install all the puzzles with one click.

Full description of project: Home 路 yOyOeK1/oiyshTerminal Wiki 路 GitHub

Only essence installer: installer 路 yOyOeK1/oiyshTerminal Wiki 路 GitHub

If you have any question ask me on github or on forum :slight_smile:

Let the force be with you!

It鈥檚 a solution to get a working instance of grafana, Node-red, mysql,鈥 on android in termux. So after installation you have a full shell an android.
With working apps on ports:
ssh :2222
mosquitto :10883
mysqld :3306
grafana :3000
nodeRed :1880

For now it鈥檚 only for android and I think 7 or higher. Termux 118 tested.

There is also at the end debian in chroot directory.

Plan with it is to have a fast way to set all important things in one go.
On cheap cheap accessible every ware device. You can buy/find phone in a locker :stuck_out_tongue:
Later use important apps for you. Node-red, mysql 鈥 add something in C. there is a gcc ready!

After installer finish.

Let me know what you think about it!


Hi @yoyoek1,

Welcome to the :grafana: community support forums !!

Thanks for sharing this with the community :+1: This looks like really a good project and helpful for all users, especially those learning or using IoT

I will put some more tags into the post :wink:

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Continuing path of thinking鈥
I make a step back.
Q: What is installing all of that?
A: bash
Q: in bash?
A: $ apk install myDataSourceForMysl


I鈥檓 experimenting with a idea of making more automation in processes of installing datasources / dashes / 鈥 But this is something different?

otdm - oiyshTerminal deb Manager

deb as a standard is a known thing. If you have simple datasource to do it鈥檚 yyy easy to make some script to make some injections to instance of grafana using HTTP API.
But if you need some dependency鈥檚 to your dash example python, opencv, not only npm stuff, mysql, influxDB 鈥 why not use something tested?
deb is used for years. By adding one word. You will ask to install on system what you need.
dash board with some shell dependencis or just dashboard.

from beginning if you have a system on dpkg (apk is using dpkg) you have a one command:
$ apt install myTurboDashBoardExample
and if you don鈥檛 have nodejs it will install it also something in shell if it鈥檚 not coming as a prebuild to your distro.

with that in mined

theoretically ba using dpkg you can set this in directory?

I went thru clean deb option. Then with otdm-tools as a set of bash helpers. Now I鈥檓 on a 0.14 version. It鈥檚 in python now.
I know it鈥檚 not so in the forum subject. It鈥檚 python and in update

soon 鈥

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Yes posting nicely under my self :stuck_out_tongue: but鈥

Update 0.20.5 is landed.

What a odd place to think about solutions for grafana in apt
repository. But look鈥
Continuation of previews post there is some progress DONE.
In this update you can:

  • building otdmMake.sh [project]
  • it鈥檚 getting predefined information from designing grafana instance
  • updating data in project directory
  • executing otdm tasker
  • executing dpkg building sequence.
  • putting ready .deb file to repository directory
  • updates directory of repository for apt

then you can see a installation process :slight_smile:
$ apt install otdm-grafana-ds-mysql

All mechanisms in this task are starting. dpkg in checking dependencies and solving them. pre post install do the magic.

And it鈥檚鈥 in grafana

$ apt remove otdm-grafana-ds-mysql

removes all it needs. Datasource is not there.


let me know what you think :slight_smile:
Movie showing the process: this is on youtube 鈫 [ ybOzuR1S5To ] [ otdm-tools ver: 0.20.5 installing otdm-grafana-ds-mysql .deb ])

And If I鈥檓 not welcomed tell me.
Please take down youtube host restriction for me. I want to share something with you all. I don鈥檛 sell any thing. WTF?

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