Changelog: Updates in Grafana 10.0.2

10.0.2 (2023-06-30)

Features and enhancements

  • Alerting: Add limit query parameter to Loki-based ASH api, drop default limit from 5000 to 1000, extend visible time range for new ASH UI. #70857, @alexweav
  • Alerting: Move rule UID from Loki stream labels into log lines. #70686, @rwwiv
  • Explore: Clean up query subscriptions when a query is canceled. #70516, @ifrost
  • Alerting: Allow selecting the same custom group when swapping folders. #70369, @gillesdemey

Bug fixes

  • Fix: Change getExistingDashboardByTitleAndFolder to get dashboard by title, not slug. #70936, @yangkb09
  • Login: Fix footer from displaying under the login box. #70909, @joshhunt
  • Alerting: Convert ‘Both’ type Prometheus queries to ‘Range’ in migration. #70854, @JacobsonMT
  • Variables: Detect a name for duplicated variable. #70823, @Ugzuzg
  • Logs: Fix wrong before and after texts in log context. #70802, @svennergr
  • Elasticsearch: Make it compatible with the new log context functionality. #70748, @gabor
  • Alerting: Fix HA alerting membership sync. #70700, @jcalisto
  • Alerting: Display correct results when using different filters on alerting panels. #70639, @VikaCep
  • XYChart: Fix axis range and scale overrides. #70614, @leeoniya
  • LogContext: Fix filtering out log lines with the same entry. #70569, @svennergr
  • Dashboard: Fix issue where a panel with a description and a cached response displays 2 info icons. #70566, @axelavargas
  • Navigation: Fix toolbar actions flickering on mobile. #70564, @ashharrison90
  • XYChart: Ensure color scale is field-local and synced with data updates. #70481, @leeoniya
  • Alerting: Fix unique violation when updating rule group with title chains/cycles. #70467, @JacobsonMT
  • Alerting: Add file and rule_group query params in request for filtering the res…. #70417, @soniaAguilarPeiron
  • SAML UI: Enforce one option for configuring IdP metadata. (Enterprise)

Plugin development fixes & changes