Help required with the basics


So this is probably the most basic Loki concepts that I cant understand.

I have GKE cluster and I want to deploy loki to be scalable and HA.
Unfortunately for me all the guides are for a single deployment.

I figured that I need just 1 configuration file and can specify in a statefulset deployment “-target=” to tell it what configuration to use.

I figured how to deploy promtail.

Here are the questions I have and struggle with:

In ingester_config what kvstore store should I choose? Is there a way to use GKE’s etcd? Is it a good idea? out of all the options : “consul, etcd, inmemory, memberlist” im not sure what else will work. I’m looking to introduce as minimal new tools a possible but I’m starting to think my only option is consul? Could not find too much information on what is memberlist and how to use it to decide if it’ll work for me

  1. How do you scale loki? Based on what metrics and what components are in need of scaling?

Any help will be appreciated! Extra points for examples :slight_smile: