Odd output from the Legend Value "Total"


I have a panel show the throughput of an interface combine with Legend values. I’m using :

  • Min the minimum value in this time interval
  • Max the maximum value in this time interval
  • Total : the sum of the value in this time interval

Unfortunately the graph is showing an odd output about the “Total” Throughput.

Exemple : when I show the graph of a day (24Hours) it show Total : 12.8Gb for output and 3.6Gb for Input, as you can see below :

And when I show only a period of this day (ex from 8am to 12am) it showing Total : 15.9Gb for output and 4.1Gb for Input (it’s bigger then the total of all the day)

Could you please help me with that ?

Sincerely yours.