Max showing up as Total in grafana

Hi all,

i’m new to grafana and checking things out.
Well i have a device called (gas live hour consume) in my home automation system, dont look at the name becuase it has nothing to do with an hourly update.

Well this device collects the live consume everytime the gas is used, its already count up.
the data looks like this :
it counts up the total in my automation as a virtual device that save it to influxdb (homeseer)

Now when i import in grafana it shows up correctly.
Buth there is a weird thing i don’t understand, when i go to legend and enable (avg,max,min,total and current) it shows up perfectly, but the total is way to big, instead MAX is my total and aswell CURRENT.

when i change lets say 6 hours to 2 day’s it counts up perfect but the total is displayed in MAX instead of TOTAL

SELECT sum(“value”) FROM “m3” WHERE (“name” = ‘Live Gas Consumed Hour’) AND timeFilter GROUP BY time(__interval) fill(previous)

I suggest taking a look at the Graph panel documentation about what the Values are returning. It sounds like what you are expecting does not match their definitions.