Odd Dip Artifacts on Grafana Graph

I seem to be getting these odd results when looking at a graph over different periods of hours.

Here we can see a fairly consistent dip in traffic that does not exist when we zoom in.

Does anyone have any idea why these dips are appearing?

Here is the query.

SELECT non_negative_derivative(mean("/interfaces/interface/subinterfaces/subinterface/state/counters/in-octets"), 10s), non_negative_derivative(mean("/interfaces/interface/subinterfaces/subinterface/state/counters/out-octets"), 10s) FROM “juniper_/interfaces/interface/subinterfaces/” WHERE (“device” = ‘x.x.x.x’ AND “/interfaces/interface/@name” = ‘x-x/x/x’) AND timeFilter GROUP BY time(__interval) fill(none)

Try to use the same time interval for non_negative_derivative (you currently use 10s) and GROUP BY time (where you currently use $__interval).