OAuh2 gitlab role_attribute_path JMESpath


I am trying to understand which API is called during the gitlab Oauth authentication, to determine the gitlab groups and gitlab roles memberships.

My goal be able to configure role_attribute_path to apply a matching between Oauth gitlab group role membership and grafana role matching rule.

gitlab grafana
admin, owner Admin
maintainer, dev Editor
guest Viewer

I explored and tried around from the following docs without success :

GF_AUTH_GITLAB_ROLE_ATTRIBUTE_PATH: (contains(info.access_level[*], '50') || contains(info.roles[*], 'admin' || is_admin) ) && 'Admin' || (contains(info.access_level[*], '40') || contains(info.roles[*], 'editor')) && 'Editor' || 'Viewer'

but so far no luckā€¦ :frowning:

Thanks for any suggestion !