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Can I ask about the “alert list” among the Grafana dashboard types?

What I currently want is to display the number of alarms generated in a dashboard.

However, the number of alarms is displayed in folder units.
Is there a way to differentiate this further?

Please check the reference photo below.
What I want is for the number of alarms to be displayed as ‘3’ instead of ‘1’.

Select “Stat”

Set “Filter” value

thank you

Hi, your alert list is currently filtered by alert name and if i’m not wrong, there is only one alert name’s File system usage (80%). You should leave the filter blank

hello. Thank you for your reply.

When filtering is turned off, all alarm rules are set.
Currently, what I want is to count all alarms that are triggered by the “File System Usage (80%)” rule.
However, currently not all are counted, but all are counted.
Do you happen to know how?

*File System Usage (80%) rules setting

*alert list dashboard setting

Thank you

Hi, your filter is actually filtered by the name of the alert (not by the label:alertname)
you should do this instead:


Thank you for answer.

When setting “Options > View mode > List”
Alarms that come out are filtered normally.

But “Options > View mode > Stat”
The number that appears when setting is not the “Alerting” number.
Do you know the problem?

thank you

have you tried my method? juste leave the alert name filter blank, instead, filter your alerts with the syntax i mentionned above in the label filter part