Developing a stat dashboard

Hello @all,
Every time there is a new alarm sent from alert-manger to Grafana dashboard (stat), we get 1 + 1 instead of 2 status on the dashboard.
The dashboard is receiving alerts that are not from the same environment, such as those from test, production, platforms, etc.
Instead of 27, it displays 14, 2, and 11

Please provide setup instructions to prevent this problem.

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I am not sure I understand your question without seeing your underlying queries, so made a quick mock-up…



Can you try implementing the above approach?

@grant2 I truly appreciate your time and the information you provided. And sorry for the delay.
This is the approach we’ve taken to solve the problem.
Query:- On the inquiry, there are numerous data sources. I require a panel with all of the critical alert counts for data sources.

We performed the following actions on the transform to achieve it:
Mode: series to rows
calculation: count

Thank you,