Note feature doesn't seem to work

As documented at Cloud tests from the CLI there is an optional “note” field within the "loadimpact" key, which I assume should show up on my tests summary page under "note". However, it doesn’t seem to have any effect. The only way I can make a note appear is if I manually click on “Create note” and type one in in the UI.

Any idea how I can automatically create a note within the script? I’m running locally with k6 run -o cloud and using the following:

export let options = {
    ext: {
            loadimpact: {
                      projectID: 123456,
                      name: "foo",
                      note: "bar",

The name: "foo", part works fine, note: "bar" appears to have no effect.

Unfortunately, this feature only works for k6 cloud tests right now, not for k6 run --out cloud. I created a new k6 issue to track this missing feature: