Not able to Visualize in Pie chart using Grafana Dashboard and plugin as CSV

|12-Apr-24|5-123456|Order Placed|Order|
|14-Apr-24|5-999999|Order Placed|Quote|
|14-Apr-24|1-037733|Order Placed|Quote|

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what are you expecting the pie chart to look like?

It should appear like this

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@vijaydaresforyou on Grafana Play you can see examples of how pie charts are done, I recommend specifically looking at how the data is formatted that goes into them

You’re looking for pie charts that display numbers and relative percentage distribution, but that is not in your input data, which is just a list of orders that were placed. To make these pie charts, you’re going to need to aggregate your data into a set of counts. It looks like you’ve got pipe delimited text data, so what you might do is aggregate by ID_TYPE counts of the number of records you’ve got, and then put that data into a pie chart.

This can be done by investigating transformations in Grafana

Thanks Davidallen5, this is the data I am trying to Visualize.

12-Apr-24 5-6373373 Order Placed Order
14-Apr-24 5-467274 Order Placed Quote
14-Apr-24 1-16EJPU5 Converted Lead

using infinity plugin, and UQL query language

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Thanks, how can we have multiple graphs in visualization as I have requested.

you create distinct panels within the dashboard

Thanks Yosiaz, how can we have distinct panel within the dashboard.

Then change each panel’s query