Not able to fetch the uanme command output data in grfana dashboard

i added the custom metrics in telegraf configuration as below

Read the metrics from uname command

  commands = ["uname -r"]
  timeout = "5s"
  data_format = "value"
  data_type = "string"

Now i’m trying the view the uname output in grafana dashboard
i tried the below query to view the output but i’m not able to view the output of uname command in the grafana dashboard  and how i have to write the query to fetch this uname /any other custom command output in grafana dashboard . i’m using influxdb as datasource
. please help on this

SELECT * FROM “exec” WHERE “command” = ‘uname -a’


What do you get when you run uname -r in the command line of the target host?

Maybe you need to specify location of that function: /usr/bin/uname

Etc wherever it is located?

Uname -r command is used to get the kernel details.

For example if i want to get the output of lmstat command (which is used to get licence properties). I want this command output to be displayed in grafana dashboard.

What steps need to be done .

Not only this command if any other command i need to get the output in grafana dashboard what steps need to be done.

Please help me

No, I am asking you if you ran that command in the host you are scrapping data from what do you get, does it work?

Also did you try what was recommended