Not able to delete contact point using terraform

I am not able to delete contact-point in grafana when provisioned through terraform

no policy is using it

Error that is being reported is

Error: [DELETE /v1/provisioning/contact-points/{UID}]

@shyamkumarchauhan, what version of Grafana do you use? I guess it could happen when the contact point is referenced by an alert rule. UI does not detect it right now and shows it as Unused. Also, I think errors should be more informative. Can you share the actual response from the server?

Using Grafana version: Grafana v10.4.2 (701c851be7)

Error Description is : Error: [DELETE /v1/provisioning/contact-points/{UID}]

no alert rule is referencing to this alert rule

Try to send this request via CURL or Postman or something. There must be some error. What is the status code? Can you please check Grafana logs?