Non-alerting Grafanas wont update status of the alerts


We have two deployments of Grafana, one with alerting enabled and other with alerting disabled
The grafana UI with alerting disabled is exposed to users for Dashboards and exploring metrics, ( cos the ones where alerting is enabled are very slow to load dashboards), both grafanas share the same RDS

So the problem we are facing here is,

When users wanted to look into the state of alerts, it doesn’t reflect the current state, in other words

When a user gets notified of an alert and gets the grafana it look into it, it would show up as Normal, ( i think its expected cos the correct alerting state would show only in the alerting grafana’s)

We tried having the two deployments share a common service for the gossip ring.

  • Is there any way for us to make the state changes reflected to the non-alerting grafana’s as quick as possible ?

  • we are using grafana OSS 10.2.x