NodeGraph with SQL - undefinde nodeRadius problem


all my nodeGraph-panel ends up with the error
Cannot read properties of undefined (reading nodeRadius)

Try this with two MariaDB-SQL requests. And I reduced it to very less data, which seems ok.
I use the same data with csv, there it runs fine.

Here are my nodes:

And here are my edges:

For security, I’ve to grey it out :frowning:
I’m using Grafana 10.4.1 Enterprise (not on cloud).

Has anyone a hint for that issue?

Thanks a lot


So, found the solution:

In the edges tabel, no all targets where in the nodes-table.
After adding them also to the nodes-tbale, it works fine.

So, for ALL sources and targes, a entry in the nodes-tabkle is needed to work well.

Hope, this helps.

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