Node_modules sync in development

Hi there,
I’m having an issue trying to link a grafana plugin I’m working on.
This plugin use a node module that was created by us. and I have to modify both of them, but everytime I add the plugin to grafana I see the the node_module is not in sync and keeps loading the release version.

Maybe this is not the place to ask this but if someone have an idea, I’m sure is simple. I just can’t figure it out.

Thanks in advance,

Im a bit late to answer but hopefully this help you and others who look for the same answer.

As far as I know, when creating a plugin, the yarn build command will create a dist folder which is the only thing needed for grafana to load and use the plugin.

I think the dist folder was empty and since I slink’ed this folder to the plugins dir in grafana it was just looking somewhere else for the prod version. After doing an npm run dev or npm run watch it workd.